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What can your aircon remote control do?

May 13, 2019

A remote control is an amazing tool of convenience in today's world of technology. By a push of button, we can control the room temperature, as well as set the timer such that the aircon can be switched on or off at our will. Specifically, it comes with the following functions:

  1. Signal transmitter
  2. This is a wireless control that transmits signals to the indoor fan coil unit. Hold this remote control and direct it to the indoor fan coil unit. Then, press for button.

  1. Illuminated power ON/OFF button
  2. Press this button once to START operation and press once again to STOP it. The large illuminating button makes it accessible even when the lights are turned off.

  1. LCD display
  2. This displays the current settings of your aircon function. In this illustration, each section is shown with all of its displays.

  1. SWING button
  2. Pushing this button allows you to direct the airflow accordingly. You could swing it horizontally (flaps) or vertically (louvers) at your preferred level. Press the SWING button until you have reached the desired position. Press the SWING button again to lock the position.

  1. MODE selector button
  2. This is a mode selection button whereby you can select your operation mode for different ambient: COOL, DRY, FAN. Your aircon will also operate with the same operation mode when the next time you switched it on.

  3. COOL operation - Cool mode is commonly set as default for aircon system in most ASEAN country. When this mode was selected, the compressor will cool the room temperature by "taking" the heat out while pushing the cold air into a room.

  4. DRY operation - The computer chip works to scale back humidity while maintaining the temperature as much as possible. It automatically controls temperature and fan strength. This function is usually used during a rainy season as cold air is not necessarily needed due its environmental temperature.

  5. FAN operation - This mode enables users to utilise the fan function of the aircon. Compared to other modes, this is the most convenient and energy saving function.

  1. TURBO button
  2. This button maximizes the cooling effect in any operation mode for maximum capacity. It quickly cools down your room within a span of 30 minutes and automatically operates again with the previous settings before the TURBO function.

  1. QUIET button
  2. This button increases the acoustic comfort by lowering the noise level of the compressor outdoor unit. This is achieved by changing the frequency and fan speed on the outdoor unit. This function is usually used during night to prevent any noise disruption.

  1. FAN button
  2. There are four levels of airflow for this function to enable you to control your airflow i.e. low, mid, high and auto.

  1. TEMPERATURE adjustment buttons
  2. This button allows you to changes the temperature setting according to your preference.

  1. SLEEP button
  2. This button enhances your sleep by slowly increasing the room temperature automatically to help you ease into a comfortable sleeping environment.

  1. TIMER button
  2. Timer functions are useful for automatically switching the aircon ON or OFF at night or in the morning. This is built-in function repeats every 24 hours. You can also use ON TIMER and OFF TIMER in combination.

  3. To cancel the timer operation, press the cancel button located below the timer button.

  1. CLOCK button
  2. This is a crucial part of the remote control. If the clock is not set to the correctly, the timer will not operate at your desired time. This will permanently display the time in LCD screen.

To learn more about remote control for your aircon system, please contact COOLMAN AIRCON SERVICING PTE LTD at +65 9189 3509 or email us at service@coolmanaircon.com.sg

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