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Frequently Asked Questions

Aircon General FAQ

Can CoolMan attend to my aircon issue at the time I want?

Yes, we can perform the repairing works at your desired timing, but note that our repair schedule varies depending on the job complexity and volumes. To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend that you book an appointment with us through ONLINE BOOKING.

What’s wrong with my aircon? It doesn’t turn on at all.

Check whether AC power gets to your aircon. If there’s no power, check the fuses or MCB circuit breakers. If there’s still no power, do contact our qualified technician to rectify the issue for you.

Why is my room not cold enough? Below lists possible reasons:
  • Aircon unit is inappropriate for the room size.
  • Remote control is not under cooling mode.
  • Aircon temperature is set too high.
  • Windows or doors are opened.
  • Outdoor condenser is dirty and leads to overheating of compressor.
  • Indoor FCU is dirty results in weak discharge of cool air.
  • Electronic parts may be faulty.
  • Not enough refrigerant in the aircon system.
What causes water leakage from my aircon unit?

Water condenses inside the fan coil unit. This will usually be released through the drainage pipe. If the drainage pipe is blocked or clogged, water will start leaking.

Why should I sign a maintenance contract?
  • To enjoy S$15 cash rebates for any aircon services.
  • To save on energy, electricity bill and repair costs.
  • To increase cooling efficiency of the aircon system.
Can I clean the aircon on my own?

Yes, you can wash the filter and clean the fan coil cover. However, it is highly recommended that you engage professional technicians such as COOLMAN AIRCON SERVICING PTE LTD for sustainability and more thorough cleaning.

Aircon Servicing FAQ

Why is my aircon so noisy?
  • Evaporator coil and fan coil are dirty.
  • Faulty parts in the aircon system.
What happen if I do not engage any aircon servicing?

The life span of the aircon will be shortened, cooling decreases with usage and water leakage problem may occur as result of a clogged drainage system. The inefficient operation will also cause the electricity consumption to increase.

Can I do my own chemical flushing?

You are not advised to perform this on your own as a lot of parts-dismantling is required. If done incorrectly, other implications could arise.

Why is the aircon smelly?

This could be due to the smells of the room, cigarettes, furniture or other air pollutants being absorbed into the unit, thus tainting the air outflow.

Why does the aircon need chemical cleaning?

When general servicing cannot improve the conditions, chemical cleaning is necessary. Chemical Overhaul is the most effective cleaning solution that will keep your aircon unit in tip-top performance.

Why does the aircon switch on/off by itself and have a blinking indicator light?

The electronic circuit board could have broken down.

Aircon Installation FAQ

What is an inverter aircon?

An inverter system has a variable speed compressor. The rotation speed is regulated and optimized to meet specific cooling load requirements. Power consumption is thus more efficient.

How do I choose an aircon system for my home?
  • Consider the areas required for aircon.
  • Consider the cooling space and power required.
  • Determine the brand, model and system type of aircon you desire.
  • Consider your budget.
What is the warranty period for the aircon unit?

Warranty period for the spare parts is usually 1 year. For the compressor, a period of 5 years is provided by local agency.

How long does an aircon installation take?

It takes between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the scale of the installation.

What is the average life span of a residential aircon?

With professional aircon installation and best quality servicing, an aircon can usually last about 7 to 8 years.

What is a window unit system?

It is a single unit that can be in any wall or window opening. All the components required for the aircon to function well are in the unit. Hence, no piping will be required for this installation work. Having said that, it requires more electricity to operate; this translates into a higher monthly electricity bill.


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