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Things to note when using the aircon unit so that it does not spoil easily!

Things to note when using the aircon unit so that it does not spoil easily!

Things to note when using the aircon unit so that it does not spoil easily!

Wear and tear is a common sight for all devices after a prolonged period of using it, especially for devices such as the aircon unit that most of us will be using every night and leaving it on for hours. This will result in the aircon unit being worn off easily.

Even though wear and tear is a common sight for all devices, you can always take measures so that your air conditioner can last for a longer period of time:

1. Buying an aircon that’s not too big

When buying the unit: Do not buy an oversized air conditioner.
Some people might have the mindset that by having a larger or oversized air conditioner, it can help to cool a room much faster, but that’s not true. A bigger aircon cannot even decrease the humidity level in a room or cool the room evenly throughout.
When choosing an air conditioner for your home or your office, do ensure to consider the size of the room the air conditioner is going to be kept in before proceeding to select what aircon type and size accordingly

2. Do close the doors / windows when the aircon is on!

When using the air conditioner, always remember to keep the doors and windows of the room closed to prevent cool air from escaping out. If left open, the room will not be cooled and the air conditioning fees will cost even higher.

3. Use of programmable thermostat

In this hot and humid weather in Singapore, everyone gets sweaty and upset easily. We all want to step into a cooling room after a long day of work. With a programmable thermostat, you can turn on the AC before entering the room. Do not set the aircon to the lowest setting with the thoughts that it will help cool the room much faster. In fact, it only over-exert the unit and results in an increase of electricity bills. Keep in mind that setting a lower temperature will not speed up the cooling process at all. The aircon will cool at its own pace.

4. Use of electric fans simultaneously

If the day isn’t scorching hot or humid, then why bother using the air conditioner? Most people think that with an air conditioner, you won't need an electric fan anymore. But if the day is not scorching hot, why not skip the air conditioner, save on energy costs, and just use an electric fan instead? Why would you want to waste electricity by switching on the air conditioner the entire day. You can actually switch on the aircon and electric fan simultaneously for a few hours and this can actually keep the room cool for the next few hours. Don’t believe it? Try it, but bare in mind to close the doors or windows.

5. Always remember to maintain your unit

Maintenance of your unit regularly is vital to ensure that your air conditioner lasts for a long period of time. Every month, do remember to clean the filters and the evaporator coils. A routine check of the aircon should be done every 3 months. Since it can be tedious to maintain it personally, you might want to engage with our aircon services with regards to the maintenance of your unit, they will also help to check for any signs of the aircon complications. You may think that these maintenance fees would be an extra cost, however in the long run it will help save more money as the repairing fees cost even more!

To engage our aircon repair services, please contact Coolman Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd at or email us at .

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