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Aircon Chemical Overhaul

  • Recommended for clients who have not done aircon servicing for above 12 months

  • Include all services under the “Aircon General Servicing” package

  • Complete with a cleaning chemical (Eco-friendly and non-smelly chemical)

  • Disconnect electrical wiring and refrigerant piping

  • Removal of the entire FCU system and parts then cleaned, repaired or replaced faulty parts if necessary

  • Lubricate fan motor bearings if necessary

  • Check and clean pipes, blower wheel and drainage tray with appropriate chemical

  • Clean and check thermostats and controls of the unit

  • Reassemble and reinstall of entire FCU system

  • Connect electrical contact and refrigerant piping

  • 8 PSI gas top up FOC

  • Test-run system

  • A thorough cleaning of the indoor units and parts

  • Inclusive of 90 days warranty

Our Pricing

Nos Units FCUPrice
  1. 4 units or more, $120 per unit.
  2. If add on Condenser washing, $80 per unit

** Our services come with a 90 days written warranty.

** Give us a call within the first 90 days and if it a recurring issue, you will get it fixed up for free!

** A different cause or advice not taken up on the repair work will result in the risk of voiding of warranty.

** The price indicated applies to single property only. Pricing cannot be shared across multiple locations.

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